Dreamcatcher Studio is a new business that is funded by the Akwesasne Economic Development Program through MCA and is aboriginal owned and operated. We are located on the Akwesasne Mohawk Indian Reservation at 160 Snye School Rd, Snye Quebec . It is a studio for performing artists of all ages who have an interest in Film and TV. At a cost we offer advanced acting classes, video auditions, and a casting facility.

Acting classes aim to give actors a better understanding of how the industry works and to be prepared and confident when going on auditions. In regards to actors, we will push for imagination and creativity and the experience when working in front of the camera. Students will learn about the film and television casting process and discover what Casting Directors and Talent Agents are looking for, not to mention the value of self-promotion.  These courses will give actors an opportunity to put their work into practice on-camera by working on various exercises and scenes to bring your organic self on camera and create truth within the selected scenes. Much emphasis will be discovering and fostering emerging aboriginal talent both in front and behind the camera.  Participants are encouraged to bring sides for upcoming auditions to class. 


Talent Agent: Jaiden Mitchell

Jaiden is a film student at Syracuse University. She has been acting since 7 years old. She has had actor roles in movies and sitcoms.  She is a full member of ACTRA and is the owner of ACT AKWESASNE.



Owner: Shelby Adams

Shelby is the owner of Dreamcatcher studio. Has a degree in Business Administration and manager to Jaidens Mitchells acting career. Currently a screenwriter, acting student and fitness competitor. Is also a certified Film and T.V.  Make-up Artist.